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The contentof these Regulationsisavailablebefore the conclusion ofcontractsof salefree of chargein a form thatallowsthe acquisition, restoration andconsolidationof the Rules oftheprint,saveon a suitable mediumordownloadin PDF formatat any timefrom theOnline Storehttp://www.pasiekadebowa/.pldownloada PDFof the Rulesrequires afree viewer forPDFfiles that support- the programcan bedownloaded from the websitehttp://get.adobe.com/pl/reader/

Online storeavailable atelectronicshttp://www.pasiekadebowa.plis run bythe ApiaryOakenteredin the Central Registerand Informationon Economic Activityconducted bythe minister responsible forthe economy.

Business address

Oliwkowa1, 81-198Dêbogórze

Addressfor correspondence:

Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze

NIP: PL9570491790


Complaints-Mailingaddress: Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze

Contact details:


Phone Number: +48 514-315-434

Definitions of terms usedin the Regulations:

Civil Code-Act of 23April 1964. Civil Code(Dz. U.1964No. 16,pos.93, as amended.).

Consumer -in accordance withArt.221of the Act of23 April 1964of the CivilCode,a personmakinga legal actionwith the Sellernot directly related tohis tradeor profession.

Product /Goods-thingmovingis the subject ofa sales contract betweena consumerand the Seller.

Regulations - these regulationsOnline Store.

Online Store -Online shoprunby the Sellerat the electronic addresswww.pasiekadebowa.pl

Seller-PasiekaDêbowabeekeepingKrzysztof Kamiñskiul.1.81-198Dêbogórzeoliveestablishedat ul. Olive1.81-198acting on thebasis of an entryin the Central Registerand Informationon Economic Activityconductedby the minister responsiblefor the economy, NIP957-049-17-90, ID 220262221e-mail: pasiekadebowa@o2.plnumerutelefonu514-315-434

The sales contract-a contract of saleconcludedvia theOnline Storebetweenthe Consumerand the Seller.

ConsumerRights Act-Act of 30May 2014. Consumer Rights(Dz. U.2014pos.827)


General Provisions

1. These Regulationssets out general principlesand the methodof saleof the company'sOakFarmApiarybeekeepingKrzysztof Kamiñskiul.1.81-198DêbogórzeoliveNIP957-049-17-90through theOnline Store, available at electronicshttp://www.pasiekadebowa.pl

2. The consumermay not waive therightsconferred on himby the Act onconsumer rights. The provisions of theagreementsless favorablethan the provisions ofthe ConsumerActare invalid, and in their place, the provisions of the Act.


Terms ofconclusion of the contractof sale

1. The notices, advertisements, price lists andother information aboutthe Goodslistedonour Online Store, in particular their descriptions, technical and performance characteristicsandpricesarean invitation to contract, within the meaning ofArt.71 of the Actof 23April 1964. Civil Code.

2. The consumermayplace orders forproductsavailablein an assortmentOnline Storehttp://pasiekadebowa.plseven days aweek, twenty-four hoursa day.

3. The consumerhas the opportunity toplace an orderusing the following methods:

-An order form
-By telephone.

4.In order to implementthe order, pleaseprovide the following information:
mailing addressandshipping address,
phone number,

5.The pricesshown ontheOnline Shopis denominatedin Polish zlotyandincludestaxes.

6. Thetotalpriceinclusive of taxesfor the Goodsas well asshipping costsand othercosts, and if you can notdetermine the amount ofthose fees-the obligationto pay them, the consumeris informedwhen orderingand alsoat the time ofthe expressionby the Consumerwillbe bound bythe Agreementof sales.

7.After placing anorderby the Consumer, Seller confirmsthereceipt. The contract of saleis concluded with themessage ofconfirmationof an orderby theOnline Storeto e-mail Consumerstatingall relevantcomponents ofthe contract and theconfirmation of thesales agreementbetweenthe Consumerand the Seller.


Methods of paymentfor the Goods

1. The consumercan choose the followingforms of paymentfor the Goods: Cashon Delivery, payment by bank transfer, cash onpick up.

2. Paymentmust be madeby bank transferto a specifiedbank account: IBAN.PL.57116022020000000240526410


The termsof paymentfor the Goods

1.If you choose thepayment"bank transfer", the consumeris obliged tomake payment within14 daysfrom the date ofconclusion ofthe sale.

2.In the case of"cash on delivery", the payment occurs at the timeof deliveryandpayment ofthe required amountinto the hands ofthe courier.

3.If you choosepayment"personal collection" Goodscan be picked upin the officeul.Olive1, 81-198DêbogórzeodMonday toFriday from10 to15orazon Saturday from10 to 12. When youpick upthe consumer is notliable for any costsof delivery.


delivery methods

1.Delivery of orderedgoodsis doneby providingthe Goodsthrough oneof the availablecarriers:courier"Seven"

2. Election of themethod of deliveryis made by theconsumerwhenordering.

3.Deliveriestake placeon Polish territory.


delivery Time

1.If you selectthe carrier "Seven" delivery of the Goodsshall take place withinseven daysfrom the date oftheircarrier.


delivery costs

1.Supplyof GoodstoConsumersis paid. Sellermay, withinavailablefree shippingpromotionor lowerits height. Relevantinformationis available on theOnline Storetabof the productas well as whenordering.

2. The cost ofdelivery of the Goodsare as follows:18 PLNprepaidaccountorpayshipping26z³Cash on Delivery



1. Basisand responsibilities of theSellersto theconsumerof the righttothe warranty forphysical andlegaldefectis definedby the Act of23 April 1964. Civil Code.

2. The Sellershall be obliged toprovide theconsumerproduct withoutdefects.

3.A complaint may besubmittedas follows:
a) in writingto the address ofthe Seller:
Pasieka DêbowaKrzysztof Kamiñski
Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze

b) in electronic formvia e-mail to: pasiekadebowa@o2.pl

c) by phone:

d) thepersonin the seat ofthe Seller:
Pasieka Dêbowa Krzysztof Kamiñski
Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze

4.The complaint should include:

a)the name ofthe Consumer,
b) the nameand the dateof purchaseof the Goods,
c) the date of occurrence of the defect,
d) a descriptionand nature ofthe perceiveddrawbacks
e) Consumerdemandresulting from the provisionsof the Civil Codeofwarranty: repair ofthe goods,replacement of the productfree from defectsnew, lower price orwithdraw from the contractunless thedefectis significant.

5.Sellerwill addressconsumerdemandsimmediately, but nolater than14 calendar daysfrom the date ofreceipt of the requestconsumer.

6.Goodssubject tocomplaintmust be sentor delivered in personto the address ofthe Seller:
Pasieka Dêbowa Krzysztof Kamiñski
Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze


Right of withdrawal

1. A consumerwho concludedat a distance,may, within14 daysto withdraw fromit withoutgiving any reasonand at no cost, with theexception of those referredto in point. 11and point. 14of these Regulations.

2.To comply withthe time limitreferred to inpoint 1is enough to senda statementbefore its expiry.

3. A statementof withdrawalcan be madeas follows:

a)in electronic form onthe e-mail Sellers:pasiekadebowa@o2.pl

b) by mailto the address ofthe Seller:
Pasieka Dêbowa Krzysztof Kamiñski
Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze

c) thepersonin the seat ofSellers:
Pasieka Dêbowa Krzysztof Kamiñski
Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze

4. The consumermay make a declarationof withdrawalusing the form. The model formis available on theOnline Storewww.pasiekadebowa.plThe useofthis formiseasierfor theconsumerbutis not mandatory.

6.The deadlinefor withdrawalbegins:

a)the contract,the performance,thesellerseemsGoods, being obligedto transferhis property- fromtakingpossession ofthe Goodsby the Consumerorperson designated by thethird party otherthan the carrier, and in thecase of a contractwhich:

- Includesa number ofgoodsthat aresupplied separately, in lots or in part- fromtaking possessionof the last good, parties or in part,

-Is basedon the regularsupply ofthe Goods by theperiod of time- fromthe firstto take possession ofthe Goods,

b) forother contracts-from thedate of the contract.

7.In the event oftermination of the Contractof saleat a distance,a contract is considerednull and void.

8. The selleris obliged toimmediately, notlater than14 daysfrom the date ofreceipt of the declarationconsumerof withdrawal, return to the consumerallpaymentsmade by him, including the cost ofdelivery ofthe Goodsexcept forthe extra costs incurredby the Consumerselectedshipping methodother thanplaincheapestshipping methodavailable in theonline Storewww.pasiekadebowa.pl).

9.Sellershall refundthe paymentusingthe same methodof payment, whichused theconsumer, unless the consumerhas expressly agreedtootherwisereturn, which does not bindhimany costs.

10. If theSeller is notsuggestedthat hereceivesfromthe ConsumerGoods, may withhold therefund ofpayments received from theconsumerto thereceipt ofthe Goodsbackor deliverby the Consumerevidenceof itsreturn,depending onwhich eventoccurs first.

11. If theconsumerhas chosena wayto deliverthe Goodsotherwisethanplaincheapestdelivery offeredby the Seller, the Seller shall notbe required to reimbursethe consumerincurred bytheadditional costs.

12.Consumerswill need to returnGoodsto Seller,orgive it toa person authorizedby the Sellerto receiveimmediately, but notlater than14 days fromthe date on whichwithdrewfrom the contract, unless the sellersuggestedthat hereceivesGoods.

13.To comply withthe time limitreferred toin point. 12is sufficient toreturnthe Goodsbefore its expirySellersaddress:
Pasieka Dêbowa Krzysztof Kamiñski
Oliwkowa 1, 81-198 Dêbogórze

14.The consumershall only bear thedirect cost of returningthe Goods.

15.The consumeris responsible for thereduction in the valueof the Goodsas a result ofits usebeyond what isnecessary to establish thenature, characteristicsand functioning ofthe Goods.

16. The rightof withdrawal froma distanceis not entitled toa consumerin respect of contracts:

a)for the provisionof services where theSellerhas donefullservicewith the expressconsent of theconsumer, who has been informedbefore the provisionthat underthe provisionby the Sellerwill losethe right to withdrawfrom the contract,
b) in which the priceor remunerationdepends on fluctuationsin the financial marketover which theSellerhas no controland whichmay occurbefore the deadlineto withdrawfrom the contract,

c)the object of whichisthe provision ofnon-prefabricatedproduct, manufactured according to the specificationsorservantConsumersatisfaction of hisindividual needs,

d) where theproductsupplied isundergoingrapid decayorhavinga shortshelf life,

e)the subject of whichisthe provision ofGoodssupplied insealed packagingthatafter opening the packagecan not be returneddue tohealthor hygiene reasons, if the packaginghas been openedafter delivery,

f)the object of whichisto providegoods whichafter delivery, due to their nature, areinextricablylinkedwith other goods,

g)the object of whichisthe provision ofalcoholic beverages, the price of whichhas been agreedwith theconclusion of the contractof sale andthe supply of whichcan only take placeafter 30 daysand whose valuedepends on fluctuations inthe market,over whichSellerhas no control,

h)where theconsumerclearlydemanded thatcameSellerto himto makeurgentrepairs or maintenance; IfSellerprovidesadditionalservices other thanthose whoseperformanceconsumerdemandedor providesgoodsother than replacement partsnecessaryto complete the repairor maintenance;right of withdrawal,the consumeris entitledfor additionalservices orgoods,

i)the object of whichisthe provision ofa sound recordingorvisualorcomputer programsdeliveredin a sealedpackageif the packaginghas been openedafter delivery,
j)for the provision ofnewspapers, periodicalsor magazines, with the exceptionof thesubscriptionagreement, k) contained in a public auction

l)for the provisionof accommodation otherthanfor residential purposes, the carriage of goods, car rental, catering, services related to leisure, entertainmentevents, sportsorcultural, ifthe agreementmarkeda day orperiod ofservice,

m)for the supplyof digital content, which are notstored ona tangible mediumifthe performance hasbegunwith the expressconsent of theconsumerbefore the deadlineto withdrawfrom the contract and, after receiving notice by the Sellerof the loss ofthe right of withdrawal.


Out-of-ways for dealing with complaintsand redressand on accessto those procedures

1. Informationon how totake advantage of theextra-judicialmeans of dealing withcomplaintsas well asthe principle ofredress andaccess tothese proceduresare made availableon the website ofthe cityorcountyconsumer advocates, InspectoratesProvincialTrade Inspection andnon-governmental organizationsassistingconsumers.

2.RegionalInspectorates ofTrade Inspection andkeeptheirlong-distancebranchesmediation toresolve the disputebetweenthe Seller andthe Consumer. Mediationsareconducted at therequest of theconsumerorof its own motionafter having exhaustedthe complaints procedure. Information concerning themediation procedurecan be found inthe premisesand onthe websites ofthe ProvincialInspectorateof the Trade Inspection-http://www.wiih.org.pl/index.php?id=139&id2=136

3.Consumers canbenefit fromregularconsumer arbitration courts, operating atthe ProvincialInspectorates ofthe Trade Inspectionhttp://www.uokik.gov.pl/wazne_adresy.php. These courtsdeal with disputesconcerning property rightsresulting fromsales contractsand services.

4.Consumers canalso getfree legal assistanceinurban orconsumer ombudsmenhttp://www.uokik.gov.pl/rzecznicy_konsumentow.php

5.Legal aidfor Consumersalso providenon-governmental organizationssuch as theConsumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers. Advice isa toll-freeconsumerhotlinenumber0800007707or viae-mail: porady@dlakonsumentow.pl


personal data

1. The Sellerprocesses personal informationonlyconsumertocreate and shape thecontent, amendment or termination ofthe legal relationship betweenthe Sellerwiththe Consumer.


final Provisions

1. Contractsof saleare concludedin Polish,in accordance with applicablelaw.

2.In matters not coveredby these Regulationsshall applythe followingprovisions of Polish law:

a) theAct of 23April 1964. Civil Code(Dz.U.No. 16,pos.93 as. d.),

b) the law onconsumer rightson 30May 2014. (Dz. U.2014. pos.827, as amended.)

3. The Sellerreserves theright to changethese Terms and Conditionsfor important reasons, in particular:

a)changes inapplicable laws,

b) changes in how and whento pay,

c) changes in the method of delivery, payment methodsanddelivery costs,

4.The Sellershall inform theconsumerabout the changesin the Regulations, with atleast 14 days inadvance of the dateof entry intoforce of the amendmentsbyposting on theOnline Storeof relevant informationaboutchanges in the Regulations, as well as sendinge-mail addresse-mail address consumerwho has entered intoan agreementfor the provision ofelectronic servicesconcerning the conduct ofthe account, the relevantinformation on thechanges to the Regulations.

5.Amendments to the Regulationsshall in nowayprejudice the rights ofconsumersusingthe Storebefore the entry intoforce of the amendments, in particular,will have noeffect oncomplex orcompleted orders. Ordersaccepted for executionRules applycurrentat the time ofordering.

6.These Regulationsshall applyfrom 25 December2014.

These Terms and Conditionsmay not be copied, distributedand used forpurposes other than thoserelated to the contractof sale,orfor the purposes oflegal proceedings.

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